AWS - Enable Programmatic Billing Access

Section 1 - Enabling AWS Billing Reports


1. Navigate to your Billing Management Console.




2. Select Preferences. Select Receive Billing Reports checkbox.

3. Enter the name of the S3 Bucket created and configured for Programmatic Billing Reports and click Verify.

NOTE: If you have not yet created the S3 bucket for storing Programmatic Billing data, create and configure the same using instructions in Creating an S3 bucket section below.




4. You'll see a number of options related to Billing Reports. Enable all billing report options. This includes Receive Billing Reports, Monthly report, Detailed Billing Report, Cost Allocation Report, and Detailed Billing Report with Resources and Tags.




5. The final step is to ensure that you include tags in your billing reports. Select the Manage your tags link to display a list of all the tags you've created and enable all tags that you plan to use for reporting in Cloudamize.




NOTE: Tags are the key to effectively tracking your AWS spend within Cloudamize. Including the appropriate tags will allow you to split your spend across a number of dimensions—such as client, cost center, or application.





 Section 2 - Creating an S3 bucket


 1. AWS delivers the detailed billing reports to a S3 bucket that you configure. To create a S3 bucket, navigate to S3 from the AWS Management Console in a different browser window or tab.




2. Select Create Bucket.




3. Choose a unique Bucket Name, and click Create.




 4. Now that you have a S3 bucket for your reports, enter the name in your Billing Management Preferences, enter the bucket name, and generate a permissions policy by clicking sample policy.




5. Copy the policy, and navigate back to your S3 console.

6. Select your newly created bucket, choose Properties, open the Permissions drop-down, and add the bucket policy you generated in step 4.




 7. Open your bucket properties in the S3 Console, and add the sample policy copied in Step 5.




NOTE: It can take up to 12 hours before your first billing reports are created by AWS.


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or issues with performing the above tasks.



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