Getting Started with Designer

Designer Overview

The Cloudamize Designer can be used to run "what if" scenarios by customizing regions, pricing plans, instance types and families, storage options, and more. These changes can be applied to individual machines or the entire infrastructure. You can edit existing designs or quickly create as many new designs as needed, and you will not lose any of your previous results. The Designer is currently available for AWS and Azure, with support for GCP coming soon.

Create/Edit a Design

From the Cloudamize Assess dashboard, click the Designer button in the top-right corner.


After clicking this button, you will be given the option to edit an existing design or to create a new design based on the results of a previous one. If creating a new design you will need to enter a name for the design and select the previous design which will act as the starting point.


You will then click Edit Design or Create Design based on your choice above. The design will be loaded or created and the Designer controls will be displayed.


The Designer controls are located on the right-hand panel. Click Pricing Plan, Compute Tuning, Storage Tuning, or Network Tuning to begin customizing the design.



Save and Continue or Build a Design

Once you have made changes in the Designer you can either save you changes and continue using the Designer, or you can immediately build the design if you are done making changes.

To save the changes and continue working, click Save Draft at the bottom of the Designer controls:


You will see the changes which will be made to create the new design, and you can then select to Save Changes and continue working or to Build a Design.


If you are finished with the changes then you can immediately build the design by clicking Build a Design:


Designer Next Steps

Click one of the following links to get more details of the customization options available:




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