Pricing Plan

Customize Pricing Plan Options

You can change the pricing plan and options for any number of machines in the assessment to meet your needs. These options will vary for the different cloud providers based on their current offerings.


In both Azure and AWS you can select any pricing plan which is offered by the cloud provider and apply that pricing to any number of machines. Simply click a machine name or asset group from the main window (or changes will be applied to all machines) then select the pricing plan from the drop-down list in the Designer panel on the right-hand side:




You can also choose any region which is offered by the cloud provider to recalculate the results and get recommendations only for offerings in the selected region. Select the region from the drop-down list in the Designer panel:




You can apply a percent discount to the selected machines by adjusting the slider under the Discount label in the Designer panel:





Azure Hybrid Benefit

Azure offers the ability to save on Windows OS licensing fees through Software Assurance if you currently own Windows OS licenses for your on-premise machines. The offering allows you to eliminate the license fees for two Azure virtual machines for every one on-premise license you own. If you would like to apply this discount, simply select the machine where the discount will be applied and click Apply under the Azure Hybrid Benefit label:





Save Changes or Build Design

Go back to Getting Started With Designer for instructions on how to save your changes and continue working or immediately build the design.





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