Compute Tuning

Customize Compute Options

 You can customize options relating to the compute recommendations for your infrastructure. You can either select CPU and Instance Family or the Instance Type.



CPU and Instance Family

Select the option for CPU and Instance family to adjust the target peak CPU threshold (Service Level Target) and to select which instance families can be recommended. Get started by selecting CPU and Instance Family:




You can then adjust the Target Peak CPU Threshold by moving the slider to select a value between 1% and 99%:




Check the boxes next to each Instance Family which you would like to receive recommendations for:





Instance Type

Select the option for Instance Type to force the selected machine or infrastructure to a specific instance type. After selecting this option, click the drop-down list to view instance types available in the region you have selected under pricing plan options:





Save Changes or Build Design

Go back to Getting Started With Designer for instructions on how to save your changes and continue working or immediately build the design.




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