Storage Tuning

Customize Storage Options 

 You can customize the storage IOPS scale, types of storage choices, and limit the maximum number of disks recommended for each type of storage. This feature is currently available for Azure and is coming soon for AWS and GCP.





IOPS Scale

You can scale your observed IOPS for the selected machine or infrastructure by adjusting the slider at the top of the Storage Tuning controls. You can apply a percentage of your IOPS to consider for storage recommendations from 0% (meaning ignore all IOPS) to 500% (meaning assume 500% of the observed IOPS). This can be useful for adjusting the Cloudamize recommendations for certain situations which are known about your infrastructure internally.





Select Storage Types

You can select the types of storage offered by the cloud provider for which you would like recommendations. Simply check the options you would like to have recommended:





Select Number of Disk Limits

You can limit the number of disks recommended for each type of storage by selecting the maximum number of disks in from the associated drop-down list. Select "Unlimited" for cases where the limit should not be considered.





Save Changes or Build Design

Go back to Getting Started With Designer for instructions on how to save your changes and continue working or immediately build the design.





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