Linux Agent Install

Setting Up On-Premise Linux Machines
Step 1:  For Linux installation instructions, click on the Linux tab. Become root user either through "sudo -s" or "su", most systems use sudo.  
Step 2:  Export your customer key.
Step 3:  Execute the following command to install an agent.
sh <(curl -s
If FQDN resolution is not permitted use the command below.
sh <(curl -s -k

If you want to route the data through your own proxy server, click the checkbox as shown in the image below, and use the following command.
sh <(curl --proxy -s <> <proxy_port>

If you want to use your own proxy server and the server requires authentication, click the designated checkbox and use the following, updated command.
sh <(curl --proxy --proxy-user username:password -s <> <proxy_port> <user_name> <password>

Click here for instructions on how to uninstall the linux agents.

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