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Matlab Compile Runtime (MCR) 

MCR Licenses (purchased)

Postgresql's JDBC driver



 Python Licenses Deployed with Analytics


log4m License


# this file as made by running briandailey's python-packages-license-check and updating the entries marked "UNKNOWN" from Anaconda's 3rd party license info located here:
# Some are not included in Anaconda's list. To find those, one can search of other lists, such as



Unique Licenses


2-clause BSD

2-Clause BSD
 3-clause BSD 3-Clause BSD
 Apache Apache
 Apache License, Version 2.0 Apache 2.0
 Copyright (C) 2011 Serge S. Koval Apache 2.0
 Copyright 2011-2013 Jeffrey Gelens <> Apache 2.0
 Expat license Expat License
 ISC ISC License
 LGPL LGPL License
 LGPL with exceptions or ZPL LGPL with Exceptions
 MIT MIT License
 Modified BSD Modified BSD
 New BSD New BSD
 proprietary - Continuum Analytics, Inc. N/A
 public domain, Python, 2-Clause BSD, GPL 3  (see COPYING.txt)
 Python Software Foundation License Python License
 Simplified BSD Simplified BSD
 Standard PIL License Standard PIL License
 ZPL 2.1 ZPL 2.1
Chest License Chest License
Anaconda License Chest License


All Licenses

sphinx  BSD BSD
setuptools  MIT MIT License
alabaster  BSD BSD
anaconda-client  BSD BSD
anaconda-navigator  proprietary - Continuum Analytics, Inc. Anaconda License
argcomplete  Apache Software License Apache
astropy  BSD BSD
Babel  BSD BSD
backports.ssl-match-hostname  BSD BSD
backports-abc  PSF Python License
bcolz  BSD BSD
beautifulsoup4  MIT MIT License
binstar  MIT MIT License
bitarray  PSF Python License
blaze  BSD BSD
bokeh  New BSD New BSD
boto  MIT MIT License
Bottleneck  Simplified BSD Simplified BSD
cdecimal  BSD License BSD
certifi  ISC ISC License
cffi  MIT MIT License
chest  BSD BSD
cloudpickle  LICENSE.txt Chest License
clyent  BSD BSD
colorama  BSD BSD
comtypes  MIT License MIT License
conda  BSD BSD
conda-build  BSD BSD
conda-env  BSD BSD
conda-manager  MIT MIT License
configobj  BSD BSD
cryptography  BSD or Apache License, Version 2.0 BSD
cycler  BSD BSD
Cython  Apache Apache
cytoolz  BSD BSD
dask  BSD BSD
datashape  BSD BSD
decorator  new BSD License New BSD
decorator  BSD license BSD
dill  BSD BSD
docutils  public domain, Python, 2-Clause BSD, GPL 3 (see COPYING.txt) 2-Clause BSD
enum34  BSD License BSD
et-xmlfile  MIT MIT License
fastcache  MIT MIT License
Flask  BSD BSD
Flask-Cors  MIT MIT License
funcsigs  ASL Apache
futures  BSD BSD
gevent  MIT MIT License
gevent-websocket  Copyright 2011-2013 Jeffrey Gelens <> Apache
greenlet  MIT License MIT License
grin  BSD BSD
h5py  3-clause BSD 3-Clause BSD
HeapDict  BSD BSD
idna  BSD-like BSD
ipaddress  Python Software Foundation License Python License
ipykernel  BSD BSD
ipython  BSD BSD
ipython-genutils  BSD BSD
ipywidgets  BSD BSD
itsdangerous  BSD BSD
jdcal  BSD BSD
jedi  MIT MIT License
Jinja2  BSD BSD
jsonschema  MIT MIT License
jupyter  BSD BSD
jupyter-client  BSD BSD
jupyter-console  BSD BSD
jupyter-core  BSD BSD
llvmlite  BSD BSD
locket  BSD BSD
lxml  BSD BSD
MarkupSafe  BSD BSD
matplotlib  BSD BSD
menuinst  BSD BSD
mistune  BSD BSD
mock  BSD BSD
mpmath  BSD BSD
multipledispatch  BSD BSD
nbconvert  BSD BSD
nbformat  BSD BSD
networkx  BSD BSD
nltk  Apache License, Version 2.0 Apache 2.0
nose  GNU LGPL GNU GPL License
notebook  BSD BSD
numba  BSD BSD
numexpr  MIT MIT License
numpy  BSD BSD
odo  BSD BSD
openpyxl  MIT/Expat MIT License
pandas  BSD BSD
partd  BSD BSD  MIT License MIT License
patsy  2-clause BSD 2-Clause BSD
pep8  Expat license Expat License
pickleshare  MIT MIT License
Pillow  Standard PIL License Standard PIL License
pip  MIT MIT License
ply  BSD BSD
psutil  BSD BSD
psycopg2  LGPL with exceptions or ZPL LGPL with Exceptions
py  MIT license MIT License
pyasn1  BSD BSD
pycosat  MIT MIT License
pycparser  BSD BSD
pycrypto  Public-Domain N/A
pyflakes  MIT MIT License
Pygments  BSD License BSD
pyOpenSSL  APL2 Apache 2.0
pyparsing  MIT License MIT License
pyreadline  BSD BSD
pytest  MIT license MIT License
python-dateutil  Simplified BSD Simplified BSD
pytz  MIT MIT License
pywin32  PSF Python License
pyzmq  LGPL+BSD LGPL License
QtAwesome  MIT MIT License
qtconsole  BSD BSD
QtPy  MIT MIT License
requests  Apache 2.0 Apache 2.0
rope  GNU GPL GNU GPL License
ruamel-yaml  MIT MIT License
runipy  BSD BSD
scikit-image  Modified BSD Modified BSD
scikit-learn  new BSD New BSD
scipy  BSD BSD
simplegeneric  ZPL 2.1 ZPL 2.1
singledispatch  MIT MIT License
six  MIT MIT License
snowballstemmer  BSD BSD
sockjs-tornado  Copyright (C) 2011 Serge S. Koval Apache
sphinx-rtd-theme  MIT MIT License
spyder  MIT MIT License
SQLAlchemy  MIT License MIT License
statsmodels  BSD License BSD
sympy  BSD BSD
toolz  BSD BSD
tornado Apache Apache
traitlets  BSD BSD
ujson  BSD License BSD
unicodecsv  BSD License BSD
Werkzeug  BSD BSD
wheel  MIT MIT License
xlrd  BSD BSD
XlsxWriter  BSD BSD
xlwings  BSD 3-clause 3-Clause BSD
xlwt  BSD BSD
xlwt:  BSD BSD
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