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This guide will demonstrate how to migrate a set of machines to the cloud using CloudEndure. After login credentials are provided, the CloudEndure agent can be downloaded and installed from the Cloudamize application. You can then download a migration report and send it to CloudEndure to be converted to their blueprint. Follow the steps below to begin.



Navigate to the Migrate Your Environment page

Launch the application to view the results summary page. From here, click View Details.




From the results dashboard, click Migration Planner.




Click Migrate Your Environment in the toolbar at the top-right of the canvas.






Select a design to use for the migration. Then select the groups to migrate, and click Apply. In the table below, select which machines to migrate.




Click on Login Credentials to enter the username and password for CloudEndure. Then click Install to install the CloundEndure agent and begin the migration process.




In the far right column for each machine, click on the log icon to view a detailed log for that machine.




The CloudEndure agent will take approximately 10-15 minutes to download and install. Afterwards, the machine will be added to the CloudEndure database, and the installation will complete.


You can then click Download Excel to download the migration plan which will need to be converted into a CloudEndure blueprint. You can work with the Cloudamize and CloudEndure teams to make sure all of the data needed is included in the spreadsheet. CloudEndure will then convert the spreadsheet into the blueprint needed to perform the migration.




* Please note that machines using our agentless data collection option will not be able to be migrated via CloudEndure.


Contact if you have any questions or require any assistance.



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