Instruction to Add Your Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to Cloudamize

Application registration

In this section, application ID (client ID), application key (client key), and domain/endpoint ID (tenant ID) will be obtained and used when registering in Azure Manage.

  1. Go to Azure portal,, and login.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory.
  3. Select App registrations  
  4. Select New application registration.ARM3.png
  5. Create an application.



    • Name: CloudamizeApp
    • Application type: Web app /API
    • Sign-on URL:
    • Click Create.

6. Select your application (e.g., CloudamizeApp).ARM5.png

  • Copy the Application ID (client ID) and save it to somewhere.ARM6.png

7. Select Keys.ARM7.png

  •  Add a key.ARM8.png
  • Click Save and copy the VALUE (application/client key) and save it somewhere.ARM9.png

8. Select Required permissions..ARM10.png

  • Click Add.ARM11.png

9. Click Select an API and select Windows Azure Service Management API and click Select.ARM12.png

  • Select permissions and click Select and click Done.ARM13.png
  • Go to number 4 and select EndpointsARM14.png
  • Copy endpoint.


    Paste the endpoint string to notepad and extract only GUID/tenant ID.e.g , where xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx  is your domain/endpoint/tenant ID.

Application Access Control

In this section, subscription ID and offer ID are obtained and use them when registering in Azure Manage.

  1. Select Subscriptions and copy subscription ID and save it to somewhere.


     2.Click your subscription row where your subscription ID is located.

     3. Select Overview and copy Offer ID and save it to somewhere.ARM17.png

4. Select Access control (IAM)


5. Click Add and select Reader role in Role drop-down list.


6. Select Azure AD user, group, or application in "Assign access to" and type your application name (which was created in section Application registration) in "Select". And click Save.


  • Note that the application will be a read-only application.

7. Click Add and select Contributor role in the Role drop-down list.

8. Select Azure AD user, group, or application in "Assign access to" and type your application name (which was created in section Application registration) in "Select". Then click Save.





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