Q: How does Cloudamize collect data?

A: Cloudamize collects data from read-only APIs from your IaaS provider and also installs the Cloudamize agents on each virtual machine to gather performance metrics.


Q: Do I need to install the Cloudamize agents on all the virtual machines?

A: Yes, we recommend installing the Cloudamize agents everywhere in your infrastructure, even if you only want to do an analysis of a subset of your infrastructure. This allows Cloudamize to optimize your entire infrastructure and present that to you.


Q: What is the performance overhead of running the Cloudamize agents?

A: The Cloudamize agents are lightweight. Typically it takes less than 0.5% CPU utilization.


Q: How does the Cloudamize agent connect to the Cloudamize server?

A: The Cloudamize agent sends data to the Cloudamize server over SSL (port 443).


Q: Do I need to open firewall to send data to the Cloudamize server?

A: The Cloudamize agents send data to the Cloudamize server over SSL (port 443). You need to make sure that outbound SSL (port 443) access is allowed to the Cloudamize server.


Q: Do I pay for the virtual machines that are in OFF state?

A: No, you only pay for what machines are ON. If the virtual machines are in OFF state, you do not pay for them.


Q: Do I need to configure all of my AWS linked accounts or do I only need a primary account?

A: You will need to configure a primary AWS account and all the linked accounts if you want optimization recommendations across all the accounts.

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