Integrate with Azure Migrate

Collect data using Cloudamize agent-based or agentless methods, and send the data to Azure Migrate for further analysis.


  1. Click on Settings link displayed under the name on dashboard page.
  2. Click on Azure Setup link in Settings page.
  3. Click on Add Account in Azure setup page.
  4. Enter Account name, Tenant ID, Client ID, Client key and select offer ID obtained from Azure portal. Click on Save.
  5. Subscriptions mapped to the Client will be fetched and displayed in Azure setup page.
  6. Click on Main Dashboard link displayed under the name.
  7. Click on View Details button on Dashboard page.
  8. Click on Migration Planner button.
  9. Click on More toolsMigrate your Environment icon.
  10. Click on AzureMigrate tab in Migrate your Environment screen.
  11. Select the subscription and resource group for which solution is created in Azure portal from the drop downs Subscription Name, Resource Group, select the design which has the machines you want to migrate from Select a Design and click on Save.
  12. All the machines that are assessed are populated in the grid. You can still change the Design and data will populated accordingly.
  13. Once you finalize the design, Read and check the box to agree Terms and conditions. Select the machines and click on Sync to upload the data to Azure portal.
  14. Confirm the same by clicking Continue button in the pop up to proceed.
  15. Wait for the page to reload as it updated the status of the machines.
  16. Verify the status and sync date for the machines that are selected to upload. The status will change from Not uploaded to Uploaded if the upload is successful.
  17. The status will show Error: Payload is not in the expected format. if any of the mandatory values are missing for the machine and upload is unsuccessful.
  18. Go to Azure portal and click refresh on Servers tab. Successfully uploaded Numbers will be populated against Discovered and Assessed servers. Click on Discovered servers to view the machine details.
  19. Machines will be populated under other solutions.
  20. Click on any row to view the Assessment details of the machine.







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