(Windows) Deploy with Microsoft System Center (SCCM)


Install Configuration Manager client

  • Go to Assets and Compliance - Overview - Devices
  • Select a machine/device
  • Right click on it and click Install Client
    • Installation Options:
      • Select "Always install the client software"
      • Select "Install the client software from a specified site"
  • In the client machine, Software Center will be installed in All Programs - Microsoft System Center 2012 - Configuration Manager


Create Application

  • Go to Software Library - Application Management - Applications
  • Right click and click Create Application
  • General:
    • Select "Automatically detect information about this application from installation files."
      • Type: Windows Installer (*.msi file)
      • Location: Click "Browse..." and locate CloudamizeAgent.msi.
    • Click next
  • General - Imported Information - General Information
    • Installation program: This can be found in the assessment under the agent setup, select the proxy requirements and copy it into the field.
      • e.g. msiexec /i <Name of the downloaded .msi> customerkey=<Your customer key, you can get this from your assessment, Agent setup tab> /q 
      • By default, it is quiet mode installation. You can add more options (e.g., logging option: /l*vx msi_log.txt).
    • Click next


Deploy Application/Software

  • Go to Software Library - Application Management - Applications
  • Select "Cloudamize Windows Agent"
  • Right click on it and click Deploy
  • General: 
    • Collection: click "Browse..." and select "Device Collections".
    • Select "Domain Admins" or a collection you want. Software will be installed in client machines in that collection.
  • Content: 
    • Use your own distribution point. Click next.
  • Deployment Settings:
    • Action: Install
    • Purpose: 
      • Available: visit each client machine and install the available software
      • Required: automatically install software. So you may not need to do the section, "Install Cloudamize Windows Agent on a client machine"
  • Scheduling:
    • This application will be available as soon as possible by default.
  • User Experience:
    • User notification: 
      • Display in Software Center and show all notifications
      • Hide in Software Center and all notifications: User(s) in the client machines will not be bothered by notifications.


Install Cloudamize Windows Agent on a client machine

  • Go to the client machine.
  • Go to All Programs - Microsoft System Center 2012 - Configuration Manager
    • Run Software Center
  • Go to Available Software tab.
  • Click "Find additional applications from the Application Catalog"
  • Go to Application Catalog
  • Select "Cloudamize Windows  Agent" application.
  • Click INSTALL button.
    • The following message will be shown.
    • Application Installation. 
      • Your application installation has started.
      • The application will install on your computer and you will be notified when the application installation finishes.
    • A pop-up window (Sofware Center) will say Software Installation is complete.
  • To uninstall the application
    • Go to Installation Status in Software Center
    • Click the installed application
    • Click uninstall


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