Inventory Settings Overview


This document has been produced to provide guidelines and reference materials for navigating and using the Inventory Settings page within your assessment.

Column Breakdown

  • Node Name - This is the host name of the node being assessed
  • IP Address - Local IP Addresses of the machines being monitored
  • Asset - Shows which Asset group the node is in
  • Platform - Shows the OS Platform (Windows, Linux etc)
  • CPU Info - CPU Model, Speed and Threads assigned per node
  • Agent Status - Shows whether the agent is Collecting Data, Inactive or Sleeping
  • Assessment Scope - This allows you to toggle nodes in and out of the scope of the assessment for results
  • Reason - If a node is excluded from the assessment scope this will show the reason for the exclusion, e.g. User Disabled
  • Data Collection - This allows you to toggle data collection for the specific node


Asset Settings Overview

Within Asset settings we are able to create new asset groups and edit them. Asset groups allow for easy management of groups of machines during data collection and within the migration planner.

To create a new asset group enter a name, toggle if you want it in scope or excluded, then click add.


You can edit the name of a previously created group by clicking the pencil icon.



Infrastructure views

By selecting View Infrastructure we can change views between Hypervisors and Hypervisors. By selecting a Hypervisor we can view all the VMs on a specific Host. 


By selecting Physical Infrastructure we will be able to look through all nodes with agents installed or that are being monitored by an agentless data collector even if they are being monitored already.


Downloading and Uploading Infrastructure and Asset information

We can download an overview of the infrastructure by selecting Download Excel

We can also upload an asset group mapping by selecting Upload CSV


Nodes Overview


At the top right of the inventory settings page there will be the 3 following fields:

Total Nodes Monitored - This Number shows how many nodes in total are in the inventory scope and included in the assessment scope.

Total Number of Nodes Monitored with Agents Installed - This Number shows how many nodes with agents installed are included in the assessment scope. 

Purchased Nodes - The total number of licenses assigned to the assessment.



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