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Cloudamize Help Desk Work Flows and Templates

Cloudamize is committed to providing our partners and their customers with the world class customer service that we are known for. To ensure that we are all on the same page, here are a few of the best practices that we have assembled to ensure that your issues get resolved in a timely manner.

Our Help Desk works hand-in-hand with third-party and external support teams to provide issue resolution, provisioning of licenses and training clarification. The workflow above shows how our support teams will work together to get problems fixed as quickly as possible.

  • Step 1: Upon receiving notice of an issue from a client, our partner’s support team will immediately conduct L1/L2 Triage. Cloudamize provides a wealth of technical documentation and training materials that our partners compile into their internal Knowledge Bases. This Knowledge Base (KB) is our partner’s support teams primary resource in determining what corrective action needs to be taken.


  • Step 2: If the issue is not contained within the KB or is more technical in nature, partner’s support team will contact the Cloudamize Help Desk by emailing Once Cloudamize’s Help Desk is notified we will determine if the issue is a minor bug fix, requires additional development or requires further explanation of the product suite.


  • Step 3: If no additional development is required, then Cloudamize’s Help Desk will respond back to our Partner’s Support team with instructions on how to resolve the matter in concurrence with the SLA. Cloudamize will update their KB and this information should be updated or included in our Partner’s Knowledge Base.  


  • Step 4: If development is required, a timeframe for development will be communicated to the Partner’s Support Team from Cloudamize’s Help Desk in concurrence with the SLA.

Here are some templates that show what information is needed from our partners to best expedite their issue resolution and feature requests.

For Issues:

Subject of the email: Issue- [A brief description of the issue]

Account Login: [The user id that is used to log in to the Cloudamize Platform]

Description: [More detailed breakdown of the issue and what is the expected behavior]

Supporting Details: [Customer Data/Screenshot of Issue]

Repro steps: [Steps needed to reproduce the issue]

Investigation: [Steps the Partner’s Support Team took to investigate or resolve the issue]

Error details: [If a system error was generated, what was the message]

For Feature Requests:

Subject of the email: Feature Request- [A brief description of the Requested Feature]

Business Case: [Provide the business use case that the requested feature would improve]

Frequency: [How often is the stated Business Case happen]

Detailed Description: [Exact breakdown of expected behavior, area of the platform impacted, etc.]


Cloudamize Knowledge Base


The Cloudamize Knowledge Base is the central repository of all the technical knowledge and how-to guides that pertain to the Cloudamize Platform. The KB is located at Here you will find instructions and videos that outline step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Cloudamize deployment, how to interpret Assessment results, navigate the Migration Planner, and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions. On the first visit to the knowledge base you will need to create a login by clicking ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Sign Up’.



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