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Hyper-V Environment

Q: What do I need to collect data from a Hyper-V host?

A: Install the Cloudamize Windows agent on your Hyper-V host machine (i.e. on hypervisor) only. This allows Cloudamize to get basic inventory and performance related data.


Q: Do I need to install agents on individual VMs?

A: In order to get data on application interdependencies you will need to install agents on individual VMs. This information is used to build move groups in the Migration Planner.


Q: What is the performance overhead of running agents on a Hyper-V host?

A: The Cloudamize agents are lightweight. Typically it takes less than 0.5% CPU utilization. Cloudamize Agents are Smart Agents. They run two processes. One is the data-collection agent and the other is the watchdog agent. Watchdog agent monitors the data-collection agent and makes sure the data-collection agent is behaving correctly. Watchdog agent monitors every system metric and caps the data-collection agent if it goes beyond expected consumption. If any of the metric is higher than the cap, then data-collection agents sleeps and waits until they can start collecting again. For example, typically, our agents take less than 0.5% CPU utilization. However, if CPU utilization goes higher than 2%, data-collection agents sleeps and waits for watchdog-agent's to tell when to start collection again.

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