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Migrate for Compute Engine (Velostrata) Integration

Preconfiguration Steps

NOTE: in the current version, the partner must configure the below prior to utilizing the integration.

  • Create a VPC in the customer GCP account.

  • Deploy Velostrata from GCP marketplace in custom VPC.

  • Create service accounts with network and firewall rules.

  • Set up a cloud identity account.

  • Verify domain ownership.

  • Add users to your cloud identity account.

  • Create IAM roles.

  • Configure the Velostrata virtual appliance for vSphere.

  • Install the vCenter plugin.

  • If the customer has to migrate Linux VMs, install Migrate for Compute Engine package to re-configure the instance for Google Cloud.

Using the Integration

  1. Login @

  2. In the dashboard below, select ‘Google cloud platform’.

  3. Visit ‘Migration Planner’ from the top-right menu.

  4. Visit ‘Migrate your environment’

  5. Select ‘Migrate for Compute Engine’ tab.

    1. Select GCP design.

    2. Select the group and resources.

    3. Click on Apply to see recommended runbook data.

    4. User can reselect the GCP design and instance and regenerate runbook.

  6. User can see the migration readiness of the instances.

  7. Once the runbook has been finalized, user can export this runbook as ‘downloadMigrationIntegration.csv’. 

  8. Instances with OS not supported by GCP are excluded automatically.

    Sample Runbook file

  9. Customer should edit the following fields in downloaded runbook about her / his GCP account:

    • Cloud Provider

    • Name

    • Credentials

    • Region

    • VPC

    • Security Group

  10. The user can now use this runbook to run a migration wave job from Migrate for Compute Engine Web UI.


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