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Starter Edition - General

Q: What types of input data streams does Cloudamize support?

A: Cloudamize supports VMware ESX/ESXi environments, Microsoft Hyper-V and physical servers (Windows and Linux).

Q: Which IaaS providers does Cloudamize support?

A: Cloudamize supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Q: Does Cloudamize support standalone ESXi?

A: No, Cloudamize only supports ESXi through vCenter. To download a free 60 day trial of VMWare for the Cloudamize Assessment, please go to

Q: What is the assessment life-cycle?


Account creationAccess key generates
Agent installationAssessment starts
Assessment completionResults delivery
14-day period passesAgents uninstall
Subscription period endsPortal access terminates

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