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Cloudamize Console Light: Landing Page, Cost Overview, Migration Planner Reports

A new look and feel for the Cloudamize App

We are modernizing Cloudamize User Interface and giving it a new look and feel. User experience is now better refined and crisp which comes with additional feature sets and better performance.

Some of existing components are re-designed for better performance and re-organised for better accessibility.

Navigation is bit enhanced, now user can navigate to any component directly even from landing page i.e Home.

No need to get back to landing page to switch CSP (Cloud Service Provider), user can now switch CSP on Overview page from dropdown provided in header.

How to access New Console UI

Via direct URL:

After accessing the link, provide the User ID and the respective password in the below fields to login.

How to switch back from new UI

There is a button at the bottom right corner that will take you back to Classic console.

New UI Enhancements

This section lists a few of the enhancements in new UI.


  • User can now directly navigate to any module from landing page

  • User can now switch between CSP’s directly from dashboard and migration planner modules, no need to go back to landing page to select another CSP.

Data Visualization

  • Basic User details

  • Assessment status & Co2 Emission Report

  • Graphical representation of Total Cost across CSP’s on landing page

  • Cost Overview

    • Graphical representation of cost breakup

    • Collapsable cost overview panel

  • New Infrastructure Explorer, Breadcrumb representation of Assessment Group & Asset selection

  • Sticky action column to view instance performance graph

  • Full screen instance performance graph view

  • Custom Data export option

  • Text wrapping & column display control options in data grid

User can select what all columns to hide from data grid view

Asset Column data is wrapped to display full asset name when WrapCell option is activated

  • Redesigned Dedicated Host view

    • Quick filters on dedicated host type

    • Host count for a particular type can be seen on chip above instance type

    • Sticky column for packed instance

    • Host Selection option on packed instance view

(warning) Constraints

New UI does not have all functionalities yet, below is the list of available modules:



Landing Page


Cost Overview / Dashboard


Migration Planner

(Only Cost Overview & Report Downloads)


Not Available


Not Available

  • Migration Planner: Only Cost overview & downloadable reports are available for now.

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