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Data Collected by Agent

System Information

  • Processor, e.g., "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5482  @ 3.20GHz"

  • Other details about the processor such as processor clock rate, processor family and processor number of cores, memory

  • System board vendor and model, e.g., system vendor="Acer" system model="Aspire S7-392"

  • Operating system, e.g., Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]

  • System identification information

    • DNS host name, e.g., WIN-C3N2VD185F8

    • System domain, e.g.,  WORKGROUP

    • System name, e.g., WIN-C3N2VD185F8

    • System workgroup, e.g., WORKGROUP

    • System part of domain, e.g., False

    • VM Name

    • MAC address(es)

    • IP address(es)

    • NIC type, e.g., Ethernet, Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection

    • System status

      • Last shutdown time

      • Last boot up time

      • Disk drives

        • Interface type

        • Manufacturer

        • Serial number

        • Description

        • Disk name

System Performance Information

  • CPU usage

  • Memory usage

  • Disk operations

  • Network usage

  • Cache usage

Process Information

  • Program information

    • Executable name

    • Vendor

    • Other information such as product name, description, URL

    • Process performance information

      • CPU usage

      • Memory usage

      • Disk usage

      • Network usage

      • Application-specific performance counters

Network Bandwidth Information

  • Windows/Linux agents are approximately 5KB to 40KB per 10 minutes.

Note: The details on the Basic and Advanced SQL Data collected by the Agent are available here.

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