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How to Create Custom CSV Output


The Cloudamize CSV Builder allows you to create custom CSV outputs to provide you with the data which is most important to you. You can choose the categories to display as columns in the downloadable CSV output and you can reorder the columns to fit your needs.

Select columns based on machine-centric data such as observed and recommended number of CPU threads, allocated memory, operating system, and many more. You can also create templates based on application-centric data such as the application category, description, vendor, process, etc.

Easily select the templates you need and choose a pricing plan to apply, then download the CSVs.



Open the CSV Builder

The CSV Builder is located in the Migration Planner inside the More Tools drop-down box.

  • Click More Tools then click CSV Builder.


  • You will then see the CSV Builder window.



Create a new template

  • In the CSV Designer you can create new templates, customize existing templates, and delete templates which you no longer need. Here you can also view existing templates.


  • Click the (+) button under CSV Designer to create a new template.


  • Next, click the drop-down box to select the Type of data to include in the template.


  • Select the data to display as a column in the CSV output and click Add Column.

  • The data title will be displayed below.


  • Click and drag the data tile to move its location. Click the X next to the title to remove the column.


  • Once you have all of the columns selected and ordered, click Save As to save the template.

Edit an existing template

  • Click on the name of a template to edit it.


  • Add, delete, and move columns in the same way as when you created the template.

  • Click Save As to create a new template with a different name.


Delete a template

  • Select a template and click the (-) button to delete the template.


  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the template.


Export custom templates

  • Choose which templates to download and click Download.

  • Click the Plan drop-down list to select a plan to apply to the data in the selected templates and click on Start Download to being the download of the CSV file.

 Please contact Cloudamize Help Desk at if you have any questions about using the CSV Builder.




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