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NetApp Storage Reporting


Cloudamize offers two reports relating to NetApp storage. They can be found in the Reports section (note that the FSx report is only available in AWS assessments):


NetApp Detached Storage and FSx Recommendation for NetApp Reports

NetApp Detached Storage Report

This report offers comprehensive details on all discovered NetApp Detached Storage units. You can access in-depth information about detached storage components, aiding in better resource management and troubleshooting.

This offers improved visibility into detached storage, allows for more effective management of storage resources and helps in identifying unused or under-utilized storage assets.

FSx Recommendation for NetApp Report (AWS Assessments Only)

This report provides a detailed analysis of FSx recommendations tailored for NetApp configurations. It is designed to assist in optimizing FSx implementations with customized suggestions based on current NetApp setups.

This can enable better decision making by offering specific recommendations, ensuring that FSx configurations are optimally aligned with NetApp environments to maximize performance and cost-efficiency.

Collecting Data for NetApp Storage

The data for the NetApp Detached Storage Report and FSx Recommendation for NetApp is collected via the Cloudamize Agentless Data Collector. You must specify the URL or IP address of your NetApp system(s) and NetApp credentials. The ADC will collect the actual capacity, IOPS, throughput, etc. via the NetApp API.

You add a NetApp system using the drop-down menu in the Agentless Data Collector, by selecting “Add NetApp Host”:


Agentless Data Collector Add Host Dropdown, Showing Add NetApp Host Option


Agentless Data Collector UI for Adding NetApp Host

Sample Reports (Blank)

NetApp-Detached-Storage-Report.xlsx FSx-Recommendation-For-NetApp.xlsx

If you have any queries or issues with either report, or when adding a NetApp host to the Agentless Data Collector, please get in touch with the Cloudamize Technical Helpdesk.

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