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(Windows) Deploy with Microsoft System Center (SCCM)


Install Configuration Manager client

  • Go to Assets and Compliance - Overview - Devices

  • Select a machine/device

  • Right click on it and click Install Client

    • Installation Options:

      • Select "Always install the client software"

      • Select "Install the client software from a specified site"

  • In the client machine, Software Center will be installed in All Programs - Microsoft System Center 2012 - Configuration Manager


Create Application

  • Go to Software Library - Application Management - Applications

  • Right click and click Create Application

  • General:

    • Select "Automatically detect information about this application from installation files."

      • Type: Windows Installer (*.msi file)

      • Location: Click "Browse..." and locate CloudamizeAgent.msi.

    • Click next

  • General - Imported Information - General Information

    • Installation program: This can be found in the assessment under the agent setup, select the proxy requirements and copy it into the field.

      • e.g. msiexec /i <Name of the downloaded .msi> customerkey=<Your customer key, you can get this from your assessment, Agent setup tab> /q 

      • By default, it is quiet mode installation. You can add more options (e.g., logging option: /l*vx msi_log.txt).

    • Click next

This example is to show the format to use when proxy server's IP , username and password are to be used while creating the application for deployment:

  • msiexec /i cloudamizeAgent.msi customerkey=aaaaaaaaaa USE_PROXY=1 HTTPS_PROXY=“” PROXY_PORT=8080 USE_PROXY_CREDENTIAL=1 PROXY_USER_NAME=“windowsuser” PROXY_PASSWORD=“P@ssw0rd” /q


Deploy Application/Software

  • Go to Software Library - Application Management - Applications

  • Select "Cloudamize Windows Agent"

  • Right click on it and click Deploy

  • General: 

    • Collection: click "Browse..." and select "Device Collections".

    • Select "Domain Admins" or a collection you want. Software will be installed in client machines in that collection.

  • Content: 

    • Use your own distribution point. Click next.

  • Deployment Settings:

    • Action: Install

    • Purpose: 

      • Available: visit each client machine and install the available software

      • Required: automatically install software. So you may not need to do the section, "Install Cloudamize Windows Agent on a client machine"

  • Scheduling:

    • This application will be available as soon as possible by default.

  • User Experience:

    • User notification: 

      • Display in Software Center and show all notifications

      • Hide in Software Center and all notifications: User(s) in the client machines will not be bothered by notifications.


Install Cloudamize Windows Agent on a client machine

  • Go to the client machine.

  • Go to All Programs - Microsoft System Center 2012 - Configuration Manager

    • Run Software Center

  • Go to Available Software tab.

  • Click "Find additional applications from the Application Catalog"

  • Go to Application Catalog

  • Select "Cloudamize Windows  Agent" application.

  • Click INSTALL button.

    • The following message will be shown.

    • Application Installation. 

      • Your application installation has started.

      • The application will install on your computer and you will be notified when the application installation finishes.

    • A pop-up window (Sofware Center) will say Software Installation is complete.

  • To uninstall the application

    • Go to Installation Status in Software Center

    • Click the installed application

    • Click Uninstall

Note: The Mass Agent Deployment Scripts are sample scripts created by Cloudamize and they may or may not work in the customer environment. The working of the scripts will depend on the customer environment configuration on which the Mass deployment is being used. Also please note that Cloudamize does not offer any support for the Mass Deployment option, since the software or the services used for Mass Deployment are not products of Cloudamize.


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