Windows Installation Prerequisites for Agentless Data Collector

The table below lists the relevant ports for machine discovery and communication to the Cloudamize servers. Please note the following rules for each class of machine:

  • Machine with Cloudamize Agentless Data Collector installed

    • TCP port 445 open inbound

    • TCP ports 443 and a proxy server port if a proxy is being used (e.g.,808080) open outbound to our servers at (for US infrastructure) and (for EU infrastructure). 

  • Each Windows endpoint

    • TCP ports 135 and the dynamic RPC port ranges open inbound, appropriate for your OS versions:

      • Windows Server 2008 and later: TCP ports 49152 to 65535 open inbound

      • Windows Server 2003 and earlier: TCP ports 1025 to 5000 open inbound

    • TCP port 445 open outbound to the machine with the Agentless Data Collector installed

  • Each Linux endpoint

    • TCP port 22 open inbound 






SSH to access Linux servers



Windows RPC



Microsoft-DS Active Directory and SMB, Windows shares



RPC dynamic port range for Windows Server 2003 and earlier



RPC dynamic port range for Windows Server 2008 and later



SSL to communicate with the Cloudamize servers

Fig. 2 Ports relevant to the Cloudamize Agentless Data Collector

Authentication requirements to machines from an Agentless Data Collector

  • Windows machines require an account in the Administrators group (Domain Admin Account)

  • Linux machines require Root or Wheel access

  • All other Windows and Linux system requirements apply


Minimum System Requirements for Agentless Installer

The Cloudamize Agentless Data Collector will need to be installed on a physical or virtual Windows machine dedicated to its use, and meeting the following minimum requirements (based on monitoring 500 machines - please consider scaling if the Agentless Data Collector has its node limit increased):

  • Dedicated 64-bit Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher

  • .NET framework version 4.0

  • 4 CPU cores

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 2 GB persistent storage

  • Powershell v5.1 (If SQL data is required)

Note: The agentless data collector runs obfuscated code which is susceptible to AV quarantine. The installer should be whitelisted prior to installation.