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AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) Export


The AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) is designed to coordinate and automate many of the manual migration processes. This solution leverages MGN to simplify, expedite, and reduce the cost of cloud migration by offering a highly automated lift-and-shift capability. 

Navigate to the Migrate Your Environment page

Launch the application to view the results summary page. From here, click the Home option and then click Migration Planner.


Select the Graph option and click on Open Classic Console to access Migration Planner.
Note: The Machine and Application View in MIgration Planner are currently available in Classic Console.


Open Classic Console option will load the results summary page click on the View option


From the results dashboard, click Dashboard -> Migration Planner.

Click Migrate Your Environment in the More Tools menu at the top-right of the canvas.

Migrate Your Environment

Select MGN Migrate at the top left of the Migrate Your Environment window.

  1. Select a design to use for the migration.

  2. Select the groups to populate the data in table.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Click Download to generate the report.

  • You will need to select at-least one design and one group or assets for report generation.

  • Instance Id (CMZ Internal) - do not make any changes to this column as it is for internal Cloudamize reference.

  • The download feature has been provided to allow you to download the generated report as per selected design, group and assets in .xlsx format.

  • The downloaded file will have one sheet named with design name you select during report download.

  • An upload feature has also been provided to upload a modified sheet to the Cloudamize tool.

  • A few validations are applied while uploading:

    • Wave Id and AWS Account Id : These columns accept the appropriate IDs as numbers.

    • Any changes in column Instance Id (CMZ Internal) and App Name may lead to invalid entry.

    • The remaining columns' data are provided by CMZ tool using original source data, any changes to those columns will not be saved while upload.

  • When uploading, if any error occurs, a message will be displayed on the UI reflecting the nature of the error.

  • A separate excel file will be downloaded in case any error occurred while upload specific to any instance data.

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