• During the installation of the Cloudamize Windows Agent, you see this error:

    • A valid curl exit code is usually between -1 and 92, inclusive, depending on a curl version. If the curl exit code is beyond the range (also check exit codes in, it means that the curl failed to run due to some missing dll file(s) that curl depends on.


  • Application launch error message for curl.
    • To determine the error message, note that you should not cancel the Cloudamize Agent Installation.
    • Run Command Prompt as administrator: Right clicking on Command Prompt and selecting "Run as administrator".

    • Go to the following directory

      • 32 bit machine: cd C:\Program Files
      • 64 bit machine: cd C:\Program Files (x86)

    • Take ownership of Cloudamize directory where curl.exe exists, grant directory security permission, and go to Cloudamize directory.

      takeown /F Cloudamize /R /D y
      icacls Cloudamize /grant administrators:F /T
      cd Cloudamize

    • Run curl command

      curl -k (for US infra)

      curl -k (for EU infra)

    • A pop-up windows will appear with the application launch error message. Please make a screenshot for it and send it and log_backup.txt to us at support We will fix the curl software. Note that we periodically check and use recent curl version.
      • Example screenshots: