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Debugging Failed Agent Installation

If the windows agent fails to install, the following steps can be taken to debug the problem.

  1. Download the files below, namely, AgentUtility.exe and AgentUtility.exe.config.  Place these files in the same directory

  2. Open a command prompt with administrative privilege and change to the directory where AgentUtility.exe and AgentUtility.exe.config are located.

  3. Execute the command: AgentUtility.exe /c

  4. Execute the command: AgentUtility.exe /u

    1. These commands above should stop all installations and uninstall the agent (if installed). Please be sure that there are no other processes being installed, as this will stop those installations as well.

  5. Execute the command: msiexec /i CloudamizeAgent.msi customerkey=YOUR_KEY /qn /l*vx msi_log.txt

    1. This will run msiexec with logging enabled.

Note that this command should return immediately without any message. Once it returns, the installation process proceeds in the background. It normally takes several minutes to complete the installation

  • The installation command above will make two log files. msi_log.txt

  • and if the installation makes any progress, it will also make a Cloudamize log file:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloudamize\log_backup.txt   (64bit)

    • C:\Program Files\Cloudamize\log_backup.txt  (32bit)

Please send these log files to Cloudamize.

Also, note that 

  • Windows 2003 requires at least service pack 2

  • To test if the installation succeeded run 
    AgentUtility.exe /i
    This will return a text message as to whether the installation is successful

  • The above msiexec command runs in quite mode, to allow dialog boxes to pop-up and give error messages, use
    msiexec /i CloudamizeAgent.msi customerkey=YOUR_KEY  /l*vx msi_log.txt

  • Note, AgentUtility.exe /c and AgentUtility.exe /u must be both executed if the installation is reattempted. Killing processing with the task manager will likely cause a failed installation, as the process must be stopped in a specific order.

  • Even if AgentUtility.exe /i returns that the agent is installed. Please check the Cloudamize web interface to confirm that the agent is communicating with the Cloudamize servers.



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