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Design Dedicated Host View


The Dedicated Host view is designed so that you can see specific details about the recommended dedicated host instances.

Navigate to the Dedicated Host view

Launch the application to view the results summary page. From here, click View Details.


On the Results Dashboard, navigate to a design that has dedicated hosts and then click on the Dedicated Host tab:


You can now view all of the data fields, including instance family counts, summary information, total counts, and cost breakdowns:


To see the expanded view of all of the instance recommendations of a specific family, click on the link in the Packed column:


Columns on the summary page are:

  • Host Type - Instance family

  • No of Hosts - Count of the number of hosts in the instance family

  • Host Name - Name of the host being recommended

  • Host Type - The instance family that the host is in

  • Region - The AWS region selected for the assessment

  • Pricing Plan - The selected pricing plan for the selected region

  • Sockets - CPU processor connector

  • Cores - Number of CPU processors

  • Available vCPUs - Count of virtual CPUs identified during the assessment

  • Utilized vCPUs - Number of virtual CPUs identified in use during the assessment

  • Un-Utilized vCPUs - Number of virtual CPUs that were not in use during the assessment

  • Un-Utilized Capacity - Percentage of virtual CPUs that were not in use during the assessment

  • ($) Hourly Cost - The hourly Dedicated Host cost remaining after any Upfront Costs are paid

  • ($) Annual Cost - This is the sum of the Annual Hourly Cost and any Upfront Cost over the 12-month duration of the Dedicated Host

  • Packed - Number of instances included in the host group

The full list of instances will be displayed, including total counts at the bottom:


Full list of columns on the instance list page:

  • Asset Group - Name of the Asset Group the node is in

  • Instance Name - Your given machine name

  • Recommended Instance - Name of recommended instance type

  • Cpu Threads Observed - The number of threads on the current machine

  • Cpu Threads Recommended - The number of threads on the recommended instance

  • OS - Installed operating system

  • OS Version - Version of operating system

  • SQL Version - Version of installed SQL

  • SQL Edition - Edition of installed SQL

Contact if you have any questions or require any assistance.

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