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Designer for GCP


Understanding GCP's Pricing Options and Creating Custom Pricing Plans

You can change the pricing plan and options for any number of machines in the assessment to meet your needs.

Note: GCP will by default select the most cost effective price for each instance. Selecting a different Pricing Plan may not apply a global change to every machine. Pricing is instance driven in order to optimize savings based on observed usage.

In the Designer you can select any pricing plan which is offered by GCP and apply it to any number of machines. Simply click a machine name or asset group from the main window (or changes will be applied to all machines) then select the pricing plan from the drop-down list in the Designer panel under Pricing Plan:

You can also select any region offered by GCP to recalculate the results and get recommendations for offerings in the selected region. Select the region from the drop-down list in the Designer panel:

If applicable, you can apply a percent discount to the selected machines by adjusting the slider under the Discount label in the Designer panel: 

Compute Tuning

CPU and Instance Family

Select the option for CPU and Instance family to adjust the target peak CPU threshold (Service Level Target) and to select which instance families can be recommended. Get started by selecting CPU and Instance Family:

You can then adjust the Target Peak CPU Threshold by moving the slider to select a value between 1% and 99%. You can also check the boxes next to each Instance Family which you would like to receive recommendations for.

Instance Type

Select the option for Instance Type to force the selected machine or infrastructure to a specific instance type. After selecting this option, click the drop-down list to view instance types available in the region you have selected under pricing plan options:


Storage Tuning

You can customize multiple storage options in the Designer to specify your storage needs. You can scale the storage capacity to meet your needs in the cloud, including specifying standard, SSD, or local SSD storage options.


Adjust Network Scale

You can customize the network load factor by adjusting the slider under the Network Tuning portion of the Designer controls. You can select a network load factor between 0% (meaning network load will not be considered) to 500% (meaning assume 5 times the amount of network load).

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