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Incorrect Security Permission

Incorrect security permission on the MSI file

  • Case 1: The user that executes the msi file does not have any permission to execute it.

    Check the permission on the msi file: Right-click on the msi file and click properties. Go to Security tab and check the user has permission in Group and user names. If the permissions are not set correctly, the following error message will be generated when trying to install the msi file. 

    Subcase 1) Command-line installation: access to the msi file will be denied.

    Subcase 2) Double-click the msi file or run msiexec -i CloudamizeAgent.msi

    Solution: Add the user account to Group and user names in Security tab.

  • Case 2: The permission to the system account is denied.

    Check that the system account is denied in the Security tab. If it is denied, the Windows Installer will generate the following error.

    Security tab with the system account denied

    Windows Installer error message

    Windows Installer error message when clicking the Cancel button.

    Solution:  Give Full control permission to the system account on the msi file.

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