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Installation succeeds but machines do not appear on Inventory Settings page or data collection is inactive


  • The Cloudamize Windows Agent installation succeeded, but you are not able to see the machines on the Cloudamize configuration webpage or the Agent Status is SLEEPING.


  • Please check that the Cloudamize Agent Components are running:

    • Run the following command to list the running services on your machine: 

net start
These Windows services are started:
  • If you do not see these services in your list of started services, then please start these services manually:

net start CloudamizeAgent
net start CloudamizeWatchdog

The CloudamizeAgent service is starting.
The CloudamizeAgent service was started successfully.
The CloudamizeWatchdog service is starting.
The CloudamizeWatchdog service was started successfully.

  • If you are still not able to see your machines in the list of available machines on the Cloudamize webpage:

    • Please contact for further assistance.

    • Please send the Cloudamize agent log file (log_backup.txt) to

      • Depending on your setup and operating system version the possible locations are: 

        • C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloudamize\log_backup.txt (64bit)

        • C:\Program Files\Cloudamize\log_backup.txt (32bit)

        • C:\ProgramData\Cloudamize\LOG\log_backup.txt

        • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Cloudamize\LOG\log_backup.txt

Still having installation failure?

Please run Command Prompt as Administrator, type in the following command, and send us msi_log.txt file.

  msiexec /i <downloaded MSI file> CUSTOMERKEY="your key" /qn /l*vx msi_log.txt

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