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Invalid File or Wrong Installation Path


  • During the installation of the Cloudamize Windows Agent, you see this error:


  • If you are installing from the command line please check that the command line does not include an extra ".\" in front of the installer filename:

     msiexec /i <Name of the downloaded .msi> customerkey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /qn
  • If you are experiencing the same problem please re-download the installer and go through the installation steps.

  • If you are still seeing the same error message, or you are not able to see your machines in the list of available machines on the Cloudamize webpage:
    • Please contact for further assistance.

    • Please run the following command and send the installation log file ( install_log.txt ) to

       msiexec /i Cloudamize-Windows-Agent.msi customerkey=xxxxxxxxxx /qn /lvx* install_log.txt
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