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Manual Cancellation of Cloudamize Windows Agent Installation

When running the Cloudamize agent MSI file, Windows Installer processes (msiexec.exe) are created. To manually cancel the agent installation, do the following steps.

  1. Manually kill the msiexec.exe process where its command line includes "/i <MSI file>" information.

    1. To check the command line of the process, 
      1. Case 1: Run Task Manager. Right click on Name column. Click "Select columns". Select "Command line".
      2. Case 2: Run Task Manager. Click "View" menu and click "Select columns". Select "Command Line".
      3. Case 3: Download Process Explorer ( and run it to see the command line.
    2. To kill a process,
      1. Run Task Manager. Click Processes (or Details). Find the process in Name (or Image Name) column. Click the process. Click "End task" button in the right lower corner.
  2. Manually kill all other msiexec.exe processes.

Note that if you follow the second instruction first, the Cloudamize agent will be installed incorrectly. So be careful to keep the correct order above.

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