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New Console Settings: Assessment Details


The Assessment tab in the Settings page displays key details relevant to the current status of your assessment. Below are examples of how the page looks at different stages of the assessment:

Onboarding Complete

Assessment Results Delivered


Setup Prompt

Once onboarding is complete and before adding your infrastructure to the assessment, the page displays the Setup Prompt:

Setup Prompt

Clicking any setup option redirects to the relevant setup page (e.g., clicking Agent Setup redirects to the page that displays details for setting up the Cloudamize Agent, etc.)

Assessment Plan

Throughout the assessment duration, the Assessment Plan details are shown:

Assessment Plan Details

Here, the start and end date for your assessment license are displayed; these are the date that the assessment was first provisioned and the date that access to the assessment will be closed. A visual representation of this is included as a progress bar, and the number of days remaining until assessment closure is also displayed.

If you need to extend your assessment for any reason, the Extend Plan link directs you to the Cloudamize Helpdesk where you can request an extension. Please note that the responsibility for final approval for extensions varies depending on the nature of your license. Cloudamize Helpdesk can advise in all cases.

Infrastructure Summary

The Infrastructure Summary is also displayed throughout:

Infrastructure Summary

Purchased Nodes represents the total number of licenses(nodes) available for the assessment. This is the maximum number of servers for which recommendation results can be processed based on purchased licenses.

Consumed Nodes represents the total number of nodes selected for assessment, otherwise the Number of nodes currently in assessment scope.

Installed Agents represents how many machines are connected via the Cloudamize Agents.

Issues Summary

Once nodes are added to the assessment, any Issues are summarised on this screen:

Issues Summary

Errors represents the number of errors detected in agents.

Inactive Agents represents the number of installed agents that are currently Inactive.

More details on the errors themselves are present in the relevant Setup page.

Assessment Status

The current Status of the assessment is displayed:

Not Started (No Infrastructure Added)

Your assessment will begin in this state before adding infrastructure.

Not Started (Infrastructure Added)

Once you have added all infrastructure via Agents, Agentless, etc., you can click the Start Assessment button to confirm infrastructure, choose regions, and set collection and delivery dates, beginning the assessment. Guide here.

Started (Stop Assessment function not currently available)

During the collection period (after start, before final processing begins), the progress of the collection is displayed here. Please note the Stop Assessment feature is not currently live and will be available in the future.


Once full results are delivered, you can access them through the View Result button here.


If your assessment is stopped for any reason after the start, you can see this here and start the assessment again.


If there is a delay in your assessment, it will be displayed in this manner; you can click the link to contact the Cloudamize Helpdesk regarding this.

Assessment Regions

The Regions selected for each available IaaS provider are displayed here:

Assessment Regions

Note that this refers to the IaaS provider region (where Cloudamize provides recommendations for each IaaS provider), not the data collection region (where Cloudamize is storing and processing data).

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the Assessment Details page, please contact the Cloudamize Helpdesk (or by email at

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