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Release Notes

The following features have been made available for general availability in the Cloudamize platform. Please note that these features are only available in the AWS hosted version of the Cloudamize. There will be no further feature or function development made available on the legacy system.

Video Demos

2023-09 Feature Release

Updated: September 21, 2023

  • ERP Data Capture and Report - GA Release - 2023-09-21

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Cloudamize can capture details for five common ERP systems including Oracle:

      • EBS

      • Peoplesoft

      • JDE

      • Hyperion

      • SAP

      • Oracle databases

    • A detailed report is available in the Assessments Reports section of Cloudamize so you can download a report that contains:

      • ERP Details

      • ERP Applications on Servers

      • ERP Applications

2023-08 Feature Release

Updated: September 5, 2023

  • VMWare Cloud on AWS - GA Release - 2023-08-31

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Cloudamize now can make VMWare Cloud on AWS recommendations

    • This new design will show TCO as well as recommended instances with optimized host packing

    • You can create new designs to optimize your specific needs

2023-02 Feature Release

Updated: February 7, 2023

  • Cloudamize Console Light - GA Release - 2023-02-06

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Modernized User Interface with a new look and feel.

    • Refined and crisp User Experience with additional feature sets and better performance.

    • Enhanced navigation so user can easily move to any component directly from the home page.

2022-11 Feature Release

Updated: November 28, 2022

  • Decarbonization Report - GA Release - 2022-11-15

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Cloudamize can estimate your carbon reduction when you migrate to AWS.

    • You can download a report that shows what your potential carbon reduction after you migrate to AWS. This is only an estimate and actual reduction cannot be fully realized until you perform a decarbonization assessment and migrate your workloads.

2022-10 Feature Release

Updated: November 15, 2022

  • Ability to add nodes after assessment start - GA Release - 2022-10-20

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Cloudamize is now able to automatically include nodes added after an assessment has started.

    • Once the agent is installed or the agentless data collector includes the node, the Cloudamize console will start to show the node and it will be included in the final assessment data.

    • The limitation here is that there must be at least 3 days left prior to the end of the assessment collection period.

2022-07 Feature Release

Updated: July 15, 2022

  • SQL Telemetry - GA Release - 2022-07-15

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Cloudamize is now able to report on additional SQL telemetry data.

    • After running SQL Server Telemetry executable on the SQL server that is missing data, you can upload the file that is created.

    • Missing SQL data points will be generated in the OLA Accelerator Report.

  • OLA 8 - SQL RDS Recommendations - GA Release - 2022-07-06

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Cloudamize can now make RDS recommendations for SQL servers automatically with a new design called OLA 8 as well as with custom design creation through the Designer feature

    • This feature is enabled through a new design element added to the Compute Tuning you can select RDS instance types when building a new design

  • SAP Certified EC2 Instance Recommendations - GA Release - 2022-07-06

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • AWS EC2 Instance Types for SAP

    • Cloudamize will now make EC2 recommendations for SAP when SAP is discovered during the assessment

    • This feature will also have a new design element added to the Compute Tuning you can select SAP instance types when building a new design

  • OLA Accelerator Report Storage Tab - GA Release - 2022-07-01

    • The OLA Accelerator Report now has a tab including all of the observed Storage data

    • This information makes it easier to review the specifics and identify areas where single machines may be increasing a recommended instance where it is not necessary.

2022-06 Feature Release

Updated: June 9, 2022

  • Dedicated Host View - GA Release - 2022-06-08

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • The Cloudamize console now has a view showing only Dedicated Host data when available

    • Dedicated Host view can be exported

2022-03 Feature Release

Updated: March 31, 2022

  • Oracle Assessment Data - GA Release - 2022-03-31

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Feature Video

    • Cloudamize now supports data gathered from Oracle Databases on monitored servers

    • This feature is only available on the Windows Agent Collector at this time

    • Data gathered is available for download including an excel master report as well as text files with the Oracle instance details

    • The text output files are able to be uploaded into the DBCSI tool for further analysis.  If you have questions about the DBCSI tool, please contact your AWS representative.

  • 2 and 3 Standard Deviation Logic - GA Release - 2022-03-31

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base

    • Feature Video

    • Cloudamize designs now have the ability to apply 2 and 3 standard deviation logic to CPU, memory, IOPS and Storage.

    • OLA generated designs will start to apply the standard deviation logic from this date going forward

      • 2 standard deviation applies to CPU and Memory

      • 3 standard deviation applies to IOPS and Storage

    • Designer also allows you to customize your designs to apply whatever logic you would like to any of the design elements

2022-02 Feature Release

Updated: February 22, 2022

  • vCenter Results - GA Release - 2022-02-28

    • On day zero, we will gather 30 days historical vCenter information if the vCenter Stats Level is set at Level 3 or Level 4 (VMWare Stats Collection Info)

    • After 24 hours,  servers being monitored by Agent or Agentless Data Collector, the vCenter data will be overwritten with updated information

    • This feature will be available per assessment on request.  Notify or

  • Additional SQL Data in Agentless Data Collector - GA Release: 2022-02-04

  • Dedicated Host Recommendations - GA Release - 2022-02-15

    • Feature Video

    • Support for the new t3, c5, r5, m5, c6i, m6i and m6a instances in dedicated host recommendations

    • Along with this change, we will only be recommending the newest instances when they are available.

  • Two Factor Authentication - GA Release - 2022-02-21

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base Guide

    • Feature Video

    • Support for time-based one time password authentication

    • Supports Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, OneLogin Protect and others.

    • You can enable or disable this feature per user

2022-01 Feature Release

Updated: January 31, 2022

  • Order/User Groups - GA Release: 2022-01-26

    • Cloudamize Knowledge Base article

    • On the Overview Dashboard, dashboard administrators can now create Order Groups that will contain only the orders associated with that group

    • There is also a new user role called Group User

    • Orders can then be linked to Order Groups and/or User Groups

    • Group Users will be able to access all the orders available in assigned groups.

  • Daily Design Updates - GA Release: 2022-01-31

    • Feature video

    • Every 24 hours designs will be updated with the most recent results

    • While the assessment is running, these are lower confidence results that continue to refine as more data is collected. When the assessment completes the standard quality review and release processes will be executed and the results formally released.

    • There will be a banner on the initial page indicating that the results are preliminary.  You will see how many days of data have been collected to indicate how complete the results are.  Prior to the final release, these results will still be lower confidence.

    • Purpose of this feature is to give initial insight into server results, helping to provide early directional guidance.

  • Shared Tenancy Recommendations for c6i, m6i, m6a - GA Release: 2022-01-31

    • Support for the new m6i (Intel), c6i (Intel), and m6a (AMD) instances in shared tenancy recommendations

    • Homogeneous Dedicated Host designs are in progress and will be made available at a later time.

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